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Taking Control with the MAVERICK 9T

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The cost and lead times of contract manufacturers hinder and delay project goals. Reduce investment costs, improve production times and Take Control of your injection molded parts with Polymer Dynamics MAVERICK 9T.

The Maverick 9T is not like most small desktop molders. Its a fully automatic servo driven hydraulic molding machine with ejection. It has a part drop underneath is platens. It has no doors and comes with a built in light curtain standard. It has semi-automatic mode for overmolding. It doesn't require any compressed air to mold parts. It doesn't have a check ring for material to slip by during injection. It has all of its processing controls on one easy to use touch screen interface. 

Not Your Average Molding



Big performance. Small footprint. 


  • Force 15,000 psi

  • Speed 25cc/sec

  • Volume 7cc


  • Force 9 Tons

  • Speed 3in/sec

  • Stroke 6in


  • Height 32 inches

  • Width 13 inches

  • Length 36 inches

MAVERICK 9T is currently in production with new orders deliverable by July 2024! Contact us for live demonstrations

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